It was through my quest to find some relief for the pain and fatigue I suffered that I discovered Phillipa. I wish to acknowledge Phillipa’s extreme dedication to and compassion for her profession of acupuncture. Her enthusiasm for her work and genuine care for me is an inspiration and I always feel respected, valued and secure in her presence. The sessions are relaxing as well as energising; I am fortunate indeed to have responded so well to each treatment! I derive great comfort from the fact I am working together with someone dedicated to finding lasting solutions to a health problem, as opposed to merely treating the symptoms. Phillipa’s support in seeing me through the transitions in my life has been invaluable and I am forever grateful – I couldn’t recommend Phillipa more highly! (LS)

Pip Acupuncture Malvern

Pain and mobility

I have had a bad back for years following an accident. I might not be able to wind back the clock but I have definitely been able to manage and control my back pain with regular acupuncture sessions. It’s given me a new lease on life (JP)

Phillipa has an incredibly understanding and supportive nature and helped me to overcome the physical pain I was in through prolonged muscle tension (KG)

I went to Phillipa to help with foot pain. I had suffered from it on and off for years and was at my wits end with the pain. After the initial treatment, all of the pain had gone and my foot was working perfectly within a day. After follow-up treatment and a recurrence eight months ago, I think I’ve left it behind forever! By understanding the cause of the problem and considering it together with my overall well-being I feel I received an effective treatment from the problem, and not just relief from the symptoms. (SL)

My mother has a degenerative condition that gives her incredible pain and keeps her mostly bed-bound. Unfortunately pain killers seem to have a very bad effect on her, but she’s found that regular acupuncture helps enormously with the pain. Pips home visits have been a huge help. (AK)

Stress, shock, mental well-being

I had suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and was becoming more and more disillusioned by conventional medicine (which could only offer me medication I didn’t want to take). Phillipa displayed both expertise and professionalism at all time, but more importantly, Phillipa possessed incredible insight and empathy to get to the root of the problem and deliver a most effective and enjoyable treatment. She soon put me at ease and provided the safe, understanding environment which allowed me to honestly speak about the underlying issues. I gained great relief from the treatments and really benefited from the wider guidance Phillipa was able to provide. As a result, I have been able to avoid any long term medication. I cannot recommend Phillipa highly enough. (SM)

I had a bad car accident and went to acupuncture to deal with the shock firstly, and then the trauma afterwards. The results were amazing and all pain had gone after my third session. I now go to acupuncture whenever I feel the need to balance myself, especially when I feel stressed. It is so calming yet energising. (NR).

When my father passed away Phillipa was an invaluable help to our family. By performing acupuncture to assist with our grief, as well as fortify us against the stresses and strains of the funeral itself, she helped us enormously. I don’t know how I could have coped without her help. (AL)

Women’s Health

I tried acupuncture as a last resort, because of my very heavy periods. It was starting to affect my work and I just couldn’t function. I was desperate. A course of acupuncture helped normalise things incredibly. But the strange thing was the impact it had in other areas of my life too and I ended up changing jobs and am now so, so much happier (DC)

Going through menopause was a pretty bumpy ride before I tried acupuncture, what with the nightsweats, mood swings and sleepless nights. Seeing Pip has been very helpful in navigating me through this period of my life. My nightsweats happen very occasionally now and so I’m sleeping much better. I feel much more in control of things now and better in myself too (AM)


I’d heard that acupuncture was good for fertility and went to see Phillipa before I began IVF. I quickly found it helped to calm me and level out the emotional roller-coasters I was on. The IVF worked too and am now expecting! (DR)

I was told that the chances of me having a child were very slim because I’d been very ill when I was young. I asked Pip to work with me through fertility treatment, to see if acupuncture could either help me get pregnant or help me come to terms with not being able to have children. Sadly, it was not to be, but I found the support from acupuncture was invaluable in this process of acceptance. (CW)


Pippa’s acupuncture treatments have helped me on a profound level. Her insight is truly incredible. I will recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much (PT)

I was looking really for a way to relieve tension and stress and I came away feeling lighter in some way and certainly less tense. Phillipa’s holistic approach to the treatment and her calm, caring and professional manner made the treatment relaxing and near painless. (LB).


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